Dear friends in Gaza


We’re back home. Still full of thoughts about you. Always it is hard to leave, and to walk through Erez and leave you all behind. Someone asked why we come to Gaza, why we don’t stay home were it is safe and easy and comfortable. And we always have difficulty explaining why we want so much to come back to Gaza, and be with you and work with you, to get to know you better ans share with you a little bit of your life, even if it is for a few days. What we know is that we feel we are better people, for knowing you. And we come back, because we love you. But also because we feel better about ourselves for sharing with you the hard work, and share the successes.

We believe people do not live for themselves only. That we are send by God to share with you, to learn from you too. That we are in fact one big family of human beings. And that we can’t be happy with our wealth and comfort while we know the great injustice against you people. Our comfort seems empty of meaning, if it is no more than that. It is like, our meal does not taste good when we know our neighbours have nothing to eat. But we enjoy our food when we can share it.












We have, again, enjoyed enormously being with you. We have met the new people, we have seen that already they learned a lot form the older teammembers. We have seen Yahya do a lesson for you and we are proud of him. You are fast learners. And Ratiba: keep the tears!










And thanks everybody for taking so good care of us, while Khaled was on the phone from Egypt every day, because he could not get in. We enjoyed the wonderfull meals and the shisha and the jokes we shared. We hope we will be back soon, insha’Allah.

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  1. Dear Friends,

    whatever words utter, whatever pens write, whatever people praise, it still looks hard to describe how much we are proud of having you as a faithful model of true sense of humanity.
    when one thinks why you leave your families and leave where peace is, he won’t find out anything but that you are great figures of faithfulness and non-stop giving.If i am asked to talk about a hope in life, keeping you for ever would be my first aspiration.
    i hope you go on successfully in this track.

  2. Dear Friends,

    I always remeber you and your doings. Actually, ever you come to my mind, all worries scatter getting assured that life still witnesses great people like you. Your unconditional support cultivates willingness within us and gives us the energy to work and do the best we have to serve the disabled people.
    when you come in here, i feel previliged. when you leave, i feel something missing.waiting for the moment we will meet soon inshalla’h

  3. Dear friends,

    words will never express what revolves in my heart and my soul. Knowing you is a struck of success and luck. when thinking about what you do for us, i cannot say but that the whole family of the NCCR loves you over describtion. To me, i feel touched in front of all dangers and risks you bear in order to help us and to support the disabled people in particular.
    waiting for you on pins and needles.

  4. Just after she left Gaza, I met Anja by chance in a streetcar in Amsterdam. Back from organizing her new house and yet full of energy and talking about you people in Gaza. I am convinced she is the best ambassador you can dream of!

  5. Dear friends,
    I’ve come to know you recently as I’m a new trainee at the NCCR. However, the three days I’ve spent with you are really memorable days! I’ve learnt so many things from you. I’ve learnt the real meaning of the bond of humanity. I’ve learnt not to give up and that whenever there is a will, there is a way. I wish you could stay longer, or if only I knew you all before!
    Thank you soo very much from the very bottom of my heart for all your efforts supporting peace and justice in Palestine!


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