Letter from Ramadan


Dear Anja;

I hope you and your beloved ones will have a better morning than ours. This morning Beit Hanoun got a new wound that is deeper than the older one. When you hear the word old one it means the wound from the day before yesterday, as they burried the bodies of 25 martyrs just yesterday and today they have wake up on a massacre of at least 20 martyrs.

Those martyrs are different because most of them are children and mothers. Some people might think that I am not telling the truth, but I am not as in between the bodies there have been three mothers, dead with their children in their hands. They were sleeping, and the mothers were hugging their children in bed. The Israeli children and their fathers from the army sent to our children and their mothers, flowers but on rockets. I don’t know when there will be a reaction from the human being in the civilized world towards what’s happening. Oh god, I don’t believe it the limbs, the cloths the books of the children are scattered as their souls swimming with the early morning breeze damning their killers. I know Ania that you understand what I am saying but I really feel very angry with Israel and all the people who are supporting it. I have been watching the Israeli TV and I have seen the Israelis complaining because the windows of their houses were broken due to the little rockets that are thrown out from Gaza, They have a very strong army that could kill the Palestinian children so they can live into safe beautiful houses with intact windows. But us and our children are not even allowed to live with intact bodies and can not sleep safely into their moms laps. Excuse me, and you want us to believe that their is democratic world out their, what is the reaction of the democratic world saying now after the destruction of this house in Beit Hanoun and killing a whole family and the neighbors.


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  1. Ramadan, I’m so sad and so angry. I don’t know what to say.
    I don’t know why you people have to suffer like this and nobody acts.
    I try to be in Gaza next week.
    Take care.

  2. Sommigen zeggen dan Mektub/God heeft het zo gewild. Maar het zijn mensen die dit hebben aangericht, met wapens door Amerika geleverd, met onze stilzwijgende toestemming als munitie…

  3. Dear Ramadan and all the people of Gaza.
    First I would like to give you a link to an article about the women of Beit Hanoun. http://www.counterpunch.com/ernshire11072006.html
    This happened a couple of days ago, when women went to the mosque, which was besieged by israeli forces. the women came to help their men inside the mosque, and of course they had to kill two women. Unarmed women, women who only came to defend their sons, husbands, brotehrs etc. This was already a crime. But nobody speaks. Today I read the news. ramadan, it is so horrible. But it is not the first crime. Israel is committing these crimes already for years. I remember some of them. The bombing on a building in Gaza city. 18 people dead, most of them children. The shelling of the family who had a picknick at the beach. Numerous crimes. We all feel helpless, we all feel despaired and we all feel with you. But why aren’t we able to do something aginst those crimes. In fact I don’t blame Israel alone. if in front of you a crime is happening, if you see that a man is raping a woman, if you see that a thief is entering a house to steal and you only stand by and do nothing then you
    are also responsible for this crime. it means that you agree with the evil which is happening. And that is what I feel. The whole world is a bystander and is doing nothing. The all know that Israel is killing and killing and killing. And they don’t do anything. of course they have excuses, they will tell you that israel has the right to defend itself. They will tell you that all of the victims are terrorists. They will tell you that it was a mistake, and they feel sorry for it. They will tell you that they will launch an investigation. etc.etc.etc. And this is enough to keep everybody quiet. The media , the politicians and also us. I don’t know how to change this. But I can tell you that many people feel with you and all the people of Gaza. We are powerless, but lets hope that the powerfull will do something against this injustice.lets hope that we can convince them to act, to speak out.
    With respect and love Trees

  4. Anja, wat een dieprakende hartenkreetbrief zoals jer er misschien velen krijgt. De machteloosheid en woede overvalt me altijd weer als ik ze lees en de beelden voorbij zie op het net of de tv. Goed reis naar Gaza en veel moed en sterkte voor de mensen als Ramadan die elke dag, de ellende van de vorige dag niet hebben kunnen verwerken, omdat de volgende ramp zich al op de vroege morgen aangediend heeft. Een oud tante van mijn vader en moeder had een gezegde: “We overleven de nacht altijd met het nieuw en nooit met het oude”, dit bedoelde zij in negatieve zin als er veel achter elkaar dingen goed fout gingen.

    Lieve groet,

  5. When I read your letter, and see the pictures, I can’ t really believe what I am seeing. I imagine what if I was the victim, what if it were my loved ones? What if I was the one who did it, what if it was my daughter or son who was the soldier who did this horrible thing. The good and the bad are easy to understand.

    You are in my prayers………..

  6. How many awful crimes are to be committed before the world realizes what’s really going on in the occupied Palestinian territories?

  7. Dear Ramadan and all your people in Gaza.
    I cry for you and want to share your pain.
    What an awful world!
    my love


  8. Dear Ramadan,
    Tonight we saw the shocking raw and bloody pictures of this slaughter on Dutch television, it’s a crime against humanity and that is what it is. I’m furious and ashamed that in spite of all our protest for years at an end and all your suffering for such a long time this still goes on and on. You have no power, we have no power. Israel is out of its mind, USA too.

    Dear all,
    Please again send letters to Dutch government and to your faction in the European government and again make clear to them that we don’t accept this any longer and that this inhumane violence against the population of Gaza must stop. Immediately.

  9. No words,
    just tears,
    doesn’t help.
    Don’t know what will help,
    feel helpless,
    feel angry,
    feel so empty,
    can’t do anything to make a diference.

  10. Dear all;
    Thank you very much for your comforting feelings towards what’s happening to us here in Gaza. Actually I would like to tell you that you are the most powerful people as you are sharing your feelings with us and could say it even if its not loud enough to be heard by others but yourselves and us. Last night when I saw the interview with the Israeli General, who is the chief of the Israeli southern forces, I heard him saying that it could be a mistake in the rockets battery that caused the massacre and he is sorry for the innocent victims. Then when he was asked if they will stop the attack on Gaza he said no absolutely not, he said (our operation will continue, we are defending our people and the lives of our soldiers). Yah Israeli people have a strong army that could defend them, and we have good warm hearted people who pray and feel with us. Its not enough but it helps us to continue living for a better future. But to be honest, we stopped believing that we will have a better future, however we insist that if you live for the coming day to plan for a good day with an open mind not in black thinking.

    Thank you all

  11. lieve mensen,

    beste Anja, dit is de eerste keer dat ik jou bijzondere site aantreft, en ik moet zeggen dat ik zeer onder de indruk ben op de manier waarop u zaken belicht, je moet inderdaad zaken van twee kanten of meerdere kanten benaderen, natuurlijk vallen ook de doden die in Israël vallen niet goed te praten, maar dat is zeker niet te vergelijken met de leed die de palestijnen hebben. Helaas zijn er mensen die zich laten verleiden door onjuiste berichtgevingen die vervolgens leiden tot verkeerde manier van interperteren! Maar gelukkig is er altijd hoop, er bestaat geen wereldmacht in de wereld, en dat kun je zeker concluderen als je de geschiedenis achterhaald, hoe je het ook wendt of keert het RECHT!

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