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  1. Tribute to Juliano Mer-Khamis

    Saturday, April 9 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm

    Domselaerstraat 120
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    We will invite a few speakers and show the film Arna’s Children, to commemorate Juliano Mer Khamis. Doors open at 18.30, program starts at 19.30. Please be generous with your donations, all will go to the theater Juliano Mer Khamis set up in Jenin. Mom will cook.

    More Info
    The artist, director, and founder of the Freedom Theater in Jenin Refugee camp, Juliano Mer Khamis was killed on Monday 04 April 2011.

    From Israeli and Palestinian heritage, the Nazareth-born Mer-Khamis was famous for his art and activism, clashing with traditional society and the Israeli occupation. His assassination is a big loss to responsible and aware activisim that calls for alternative non-violence means of resistance against all forms of oppression.

    Arna’s Children is Mer-Khamis’ first controversial work that got him divorced from his Israeli audience and set him on his way to re-open the Freedom Theater that was first founded by his activist mother, Arna.

    This Saturday we will honor him by showing the film Arna’s Children that he made about his mother and her work with children of the refugee camp.

    The Freedom Theater that was re-opened in 2006, empowers the children and youth of the camp by an approach of Care and Learning. It provides them a space to be creative and express their resisitance to the different layers of oppression existent in the Palestinian context.

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