Happy birthday, Walid!!!!


This is Walid Abu Zaid, who to-day has his birthday and is now twelve years old. Happy birthday, Walid!


And this is Wasim Abu Zaid, also born in August, who is now ten years. (He is the one who made the beautiful drawing, here)

And to you especially, but also for all our friends in Gaza, a beautiful song. It’s called fragile, and it is sung by Sting. Here.

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  1. Dear lovely walid,

    From the bottom of my heart ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish you enjoy a new year of sound health and mind-peace. I can not forget to say happy birthday to the cute waseem for his birthday came on 11/8. I hope both of you a new successful year acheiving your aspired dreams.

    Your aunt, Fatma

  2. Dear Walid and Waseem,

    I pray to Allah for you to shower you by happiness and tranquility. You are two men of green hearts and big minds.

    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



  3. Darling son , walid

    Words can not utter what emotions want to say. Happy birthday to you. I hope you a life of happiness . A big happy birthday to waseem too.

  4. Sweet Walid

    I’m so happy to say

    ! !
    !__:””:__! APpY Birthday to yOu ****

    stay lovely and

    get many pretty gifts . .

    ByEe–> Rasha

  5. Dear Walid,
    I hope that this coming year will bring you and all of us the change we are longing for.
    I will protect you and your family as much as I can.
    Love and big hug
    Jan Andreae

  6. Hallo Walid,
    Happy Birthday from me too and I wish you all the best of te world.
    also for your brother Wasim and the rest of the family.

  7. Dear Walid,
    Happy Birthday and many happy returns. And belated Happy Birthday to you, Waseem. I hope that once we can meet personally. Till that time all the best wishes for a beautiful life and future to both of you. Warm greetings guys, to you and the NCCR family and especially your father.

  8. Dear Walid,
    Happy birthday to you. Next year in Amsterdam again?
    May God bless you and your brother and father and the NCCR people.

  9. Beste Walid,

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je 12e verjaardag. Hopelijk wordt het een mooi feest samen met je familie! G
    roetjes van Henny, Joes, Joris en Martijn

    (Dear Walid, warm congratulations on your 12th anniversary. We hope that you’ll have a great day together with your family. Many greetings from Henya, Youssef, Yoris and Martijn)And of course we hope to see you soon again, preferably in Holland, perhaps in Gaza

  10. thank you Anja, All the people who wrote, and who didn’t because i am sure that they love us.I know that i’m 12 now, but it was all pain , pressure, and all the happy moments are in the family, and some friends, and the nice visit, to Amsterdam. But all my birthday wishes are that peace and security is all around the World, and thanks alot!!!

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