Wilders is not Holland. Holland is me

Er even aan mee werken om het buitenland te laten weten dat Wilders niet de enige Nederlander is? Er zijn al duizenden handtekeningen verzameld. Ik tekende als nummer 4109. Het gaat snel.

Zie hier.

(When I was in Gaza, a week before, Gazans had something else on their minds than a crazy man in Holland who wants all the muslims out of Holland, and wants ’to tear out all the bad parts of the Quran’. For weeks now we are awaiting a movie called Fitna that is expected to be extremely anti-islam. The Dutch tv has refused to show it. In Holland we are not so worried about the reactions of Dutch muslims, because they know the guy for what he is: a loudmouth. But we are worried about the reactions in islamitic countries, because we remember what happened with the Danish cartoon crisis. This is what it means to live in a democracy, it gives everybody the freedom of speech. Including any idiot, as long as it is only his opinion, and he doesn’t act on it, he can say what he wishes. So now there is an initiative to show people in other countries that Wilders does not speak for us. We hope people in Islamic countries – and in Gaza! – understand that the majority of the people in the Netherlands want to live peacefully with their muslim neighbours and do not at all agree with Wilders. We are a country of many religions and that is how it should be. I signed the petition as number 4109)

5 gedachten over “Wilders is not Holland. Holland is me

  1. And I signed as well. Of course! He refuses all well meant advices and refuses all offers to debate. Instead, he decided to stick this out in his self proclaimed victim part. Not he is the victim. It’s everybody that’s sound of mind! Although all these good people refuse to see themselves as victims. Good on you! Please know that according to me, the majority in this country is really against this man’s ideas and deeds.

  2. Geert Wilders may express his opinions as he wishes, but afterwards it’s possible that a criminal charge is made against him because of spreading hatred against, discrimination of or offense of a part of the population on basis of their race, religion etc. In fact criminal charges are made against him already. But it’s a pity: red tape runs slowly in the Netherlands also.

  3. I hope we make a million signatures, we need to be clear that in Holland we respect free speech but Wilders has no respect for the responsibility he has as a member of a democracy to treat others with respect.

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