Stop killing, start talking!


Te gast: Gush Shalom

Less than 24 hours after the start of the invasion of the Gaza strip, the first demonstration against it took place. It was called by Gush Shalom. In spite of the fact that there was no prior publicity at all, about a hundred peace activists came to the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv and voiced a clear and unequivocal protest.

Posters prepared on the spot declared: “The invasion endangers the life of the captured soldier Gilad Shalit!” – “Let’s not have another Nakhshon Waksman!” (Waksman, a soldier, was captured by Hamas in 1994. He was killed when the army tried to free him by force) – “A cease-fire now for the sake of the children of Gaza and Sderot!”

As could be expected, some passing drivers cursed the demonstrators, but it is remarkable that not few drivers supported them by shouting and hooting.

“The Chief-of-Staff is betting with the life of Gilad Shalit!” Uri Avnery declared. “We should tell him: if you want to bet with the life of soldiers, bet with the life of your own children!”

Gush spokesman Adam Keller, summing up: “It was important to demonstrate at once, in order to make it clear that there is opposition to this action and to raise a voice against the propaganda that is flooding all the media!”



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  1. Hoopgevende tekenen uit Israël. Ze zijn er dus wel. Nu de hoopgevende tekenen van de andere kant (bv. uitlevering van de daders en naar een oplossing zoeken). Oorlog mag, behalve voor suïcidalen, geen optie zijn en iedereen, mannen en vrouwen zijn partij en van belang. Iedereen is verantwoordelijk in een democratie.

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