Ramadan, from Gaza (2)

Dear All;

I am writing to you now while it is getting worse, no fuel, no electricity, little water and fear. My son, Mohammed stopped speaking due to one of those terrible sonic bombs, he is not reacting or responding, he is only looking with eyes that are full of fear. We spend 16 hours of our day with no electricity, and the rest of the day with lots of bombing and attacks. I think Israel and the wole world are insisting to get the soldier killed for the pressure they are putting on us in Gaza. This is not helping at all to free their soldier, while we too have many prisoners who we beleive that they are fighters for freedom.

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  1. Ramadan, I can’t say how appalled I am at these latest Israeli atrocities, and how ashamed of my government, Europe and the entire international community for not condemning these acts of violence.

    This Saturday, Dublin will march againstIsraeli warcrames, invasion of Gaza and the attempted overthrow of the democratically-elected Palestinian National Authority. http://www.ipsc.ie

    I’ll be there and my thoughts will go out to you, to Mohammed and to all the others who I got to know a little thanks to Anja’s weblog.

    I wish I coulf do more. Take care, hold on..

  2. Dear Ramadan,

    We can hardly find the words to let you and other friends in
    Gaza what we feel about what is happening. We only can hope that some world leaders will finally understand what Israel is doing. This is war and is completely useless and only has victims and no winners.

    We hope that Mohammed will recover and all the other people getting hurt in Gaza recover soon.

    You are all in our harts and mind.


  3. dear Ramadan, what happens in Gaza now must be like living a horror movie. Again citizens like you and your family – who just want to live a normal happy life – are terrorized by political powers far beyond your influence. All we can do here is to protest over and over and try to influence the political powers we can reach. What you told about your son and his reaction to the sonic bombings again drives me to one (furious) conclusion: this is torture. It must be very hard for you as a parent to offer him a feeling of safety. My heart is with you, Ramadan, but I realize that this is not enough to help you.
    If possible, keep informing us, okay?

  4. Dear Ramadan Salaam aleikum I wish you with all my heart,

    I´am so ashamed of us here in the west that can do nothing to stop this terrible suffering you are going through. The only thing I can do is to make dua for your son and all the children in Gaza and the grownups.. I wish I could do more. Please keep us informed of your situation if you can.

    Wa salaam Ina

  5. Heeft iemand in vredesnaam een idee wat we hier kunnen doen om dit te stoppen. Ik ben niet goed in het organiseren van dingen ,maar als ik kan zou ik willen meehelpen met wat voor initiatief dan ook. Iets doen is beter dan niets doen.


  6. Dear Ramadan,

    it’s a bad situation you and your family are in. I don’t know what to say, there are no goor words for it. I know that Dalia and you do thr very right things to give care to your boys, but also take care for each other please.

    all of you are in the minds of me and my family


  7. Dear Rammi, I’m really getting sick of this cruelty and not being able to stop it. I don’t know what to say. Who the hell can stop these crimes, committed by ‘civilised people’? You are all in our hearts and we’ll do whatever we can!


  8. Ina,
    Misschien er bij de EU op aandringen, dat zij Israel dwingen met onmiddelijke ingang te stoppen met die agressie. Zo niet, moeten er onmiddelijk sancties volgen tegen Israel.
    Ik weet anders ook niet. Maar ik vind het ook barbaars wat daar in GAZA gebeurd.

  9. Dat is fijn, Josine. jij garandeert dat Israel meteen ophoudt met de liquidaties, het doden van burgers, het indirect doden van burgers door het onthouden van voedsel en electriciteit, de agressieve bombardementen en meteen ook het geweld van de bezetting als de Palestijnen die soldaat terug geven? Stuur daar even een verklaring voor met de handtekening van Olmert er onder en ik stuur het even door. Is die soldaat morgen weer thuis.

  10. Hard to find words for you, Ramadan, and for all of you who are suffering, only that my thoughts are with you and my wish that this nightmare will be over as soon as possible

  11. Thank you very much all;

    Thank you Anja that you gave me this opportunity to feel how much people In Europe are thinking positively in us. I only want you to know that this problem of my 5 years old Mohammed is the easiest problem that is ever happening to children here.

  12. dear Ramadan and all other palestinians

    I can only join all the others and express my deepest regret,shame and disgust in what is happening to you. Words fall short but you are in my thoughts

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