Gaza, op dinsdag 15 maart


Demonstratie gisteren – voor de Palestijnse eenheid. Politie van Hamas viel de demonstranten aan.
Bericht werd doorgestuurd door Nirmeen Kharma Sarraj. Dit is haar laatste bericht:

Anja, they attacked people and forced them to leave. Nobody of the participants was calling for anything against Hamas, unless if we considered unity is against them (which I am sure is true now). It is quiet now. Their police and security forces are all over Gaza to prevent people from gathering again. I will keep you posted

Laatste bericht van Fedaa.
Fedaa schreef:

hey Anja its getting worst ,,,right now the youth movement is regathering again at Al Azhar university park ,, Hamas police attacking the demonstrators and beating them , their are lots of injuries , its really serious situation , am wondering where is Mr Hania and where is the human rights organization ,,,,, what the hell , all what we need is being one people with one government under Palestine flag like all normal people around the world ,,,,, they wont give up the fancy life and modern cars ,,, all this wealthy life HAMAS is the first beneficiary of this they dont give a shit for the people , because they know that if the demonstrations made it and the division is over they will lose all of this ,, and Hamas era will be over as they are basically are illegitimate government

Fedaa schreef:
they are beating the girls in the universities and the chasing them in the streets with their sticks and guns for holding Palestine flag and cheering for unity , al shefa hospital is full of injuries ,,, they are banning the media from shooting and photoing , they are attacking journalists and kidnap activists , they arrest all girls and boys of the youth movement ,,, they are breaking into the peaceful universities who didn’t participate in the middle of the lectures and give orders to beat the students inside their classes ,,,,,, they got mad and far away of our Islamic values and if they discovered what am writing for you they will arrest me too, but you know what am not scared and i don’t care , as long as am telling the truth and exposing their ugly faces to the people

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